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Grace   Transportation 

Grace Transportation is an entity within Mykayla Ink that is dedicated to putting your family plans into action!  All consultations are free. The expectations for all parties are mapped out,  and filed into your family guidelines. This ensures when our families need us most we are one call away. 

How it works:
Step 1:

A call is placed to our organization stating a child needs to be picked up from daycare, school, or provider for any reason. Parent indicates which plan to put into action.

Step 2:

Your plan is then generated to our agent. 

Step 3: 

Once child is obtained and safely at designed location. The file is closed until a new case is needed. 

 If in the case of a Hospital visit is required upon picking up your child. Your child will be escorted to a local hospital. Our agent will be with your child until you are able to safely make it to the location provided by a Mykayla Ink agent assigned to this emergency. 

Temporary daycare services are available on a case by case bases.  While at the facility your child's benchmarks needs are addressed, and goals of the child development are supported by the child's IEP. 

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