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Mykayla Ink started with a little girl named Kayla.


She was born with Idiopathic Epilepsy and Autism. Idiopathic is the medical term for " unknown reason"  for  Epilepsy. These special conditions although 14years old,  left her with the mental capacity of a 6 month old child.

The limited PTO and not making it to FMLA while raising a special need child caused mental overstimulation for myself. Thusly, not allowing me to fully be present for neither aspects of my life.

 She was 14 years old when she passed away.  Mykayla Ink intentions  speak to the hardest tribulation I faced trying to maintain financial stability, and simply trying to be a mom.


It has come time to bridge the gap between finances and being a special kind of parent.


Through the mission and purpose to keep her memory alive Mykayla Ink was born. This motivation woke up my inspiration to NEVER GIVE UP!!  

Statistics on families with special need children: 

FMLA Requirements  pertaining to CAREER or Educational Goals 


FMLA (family medical leave act) within the place of employment. According to the department of labor, there is a one (1) year requirement of employment or 1250 hours worked prior to obtaining FMLA.  

Most working families are unable to obtain FMLA due to not having enough PTO (paid time off)  the first year of employment

The Department of Labor


 In 2018  DOL stated the percentage of workers with ACCESS to paid and unpaid  benefits of FMLA is unbalanced.   A smaller amount of families qualified for paid benefits while a larger amount of  families fell under the unpaid category.  The deciding factor would be where you reside.  State Law.


Not sure?      Does your state pay for FMLA or not?  Need assistance let us know.



62% OF WORKERS QUALIFIED FOR FMLA IN THE UNITED STATES back in 2018.  Realistically that is over half of employees in most corporate jobs.

This lack of support is why Mykayla Ink exist.

We are here to aid as SUPPORT, while advocating for stable employment with a goal of reaching FMLA for job security.





 Services offered:


Grace Transportation

               Faith Speaks  Virtual support is offered weekly


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