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F  aith Speaks 

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These meetings are set with the mind frame that not everyone's child is the same. However, science has found that communication with your child maybe displayed in a similar style of another's household. Their diagnosis was not a criteria.
Let's talk about it! Your parental tips  may help another family. 


These discussions are provided with the intention to help provide those missing links, and assist our families in finding alternative methods.   We are not looking at the title of your child special need.     
This community is where parents/guardians are able to meet virtually in a group to discuss tips and alternative methods they find useful
while loving their special needs child. You may click the topic of choice to join the conversation. Subscribe, leave a comment, or like the video to support everyone. 


Although very important!! We come to the find behavior, the out breaks, the tantrums, the seizures,  the lack of communication all rooted from your child trying to communicate.

Updates on linked meetings will be posted here or you may email to be added to the listing.  

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